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Angled roof finials

half round finial

We supply a large range of angled roof finials that come on different angled ridge tile fittings. Normally the crucial thing when choosing angled roof finials is to get the correct ridge tile fitting so the angle (or degrees) either matches the adjacent ridge tiles or the roof pitch

The roof finials come on 4 x main ridge tile fittings. Below is a summary of what we offer ranging from the wider, shallower angles to the steeper angles:

35 Degree finials - suited to wider 105 - 115 degree pitched roofs

45 Degree finials - suited to 85 - 95 degree pitched roofs

50 Degree finials - suited to 75 - 85 degree pitched roofs

55 Degree finials - suited to steeper 65 - 75 degree pitched roofs

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Results 1 - 12 of 135Show:     Items Per Page