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Spike roof finials are a timeless architectural feature

The roof may be the lesser noticed part of a structure, yet it has a significant impact on the building's aesthetic appeal. To many individuals, the first thing they notice about a structure are the roof finials. This blog post will focus on 9 x spike roof finials that are a close match in colour to compliment Redbank ridge tiles.

Dating back to the Victorian era, spike roof finials are now considered a classic piece of architecture that ferature on all kinds of buildings and structure and enhance the roof with architectural detail. These finials were custom made for a client who wanted a close match to go atop roof elevations already covered with Redbank roof tiles. Rather than serving any practical use, they are being added to the structure as decorative embellishments to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

The finials are British kitemarked, guaranteeing that they are of sufficient quality and safety to be used in the UK. Made in a workshop by talented craftsmen with a genuine passion for the work they do, they are also 100% British.

These finials are custom made, thus it is crucial that they match the colour of the customer's roof tile sample exactly. The finials are made to closely resemble the existing roof tiles, and the uniform colouring across the whole piece guarantees that they will retain their beauty for years to come.

The photographs show the finials curing on a pallet in the open air. This stage of producton is crucial because it guarantees that the finials will be thoroughly cured, making them sturdy and lasting for years to come.

While traditionally associated with Victorian architecture, roof finials can be employed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any structure, old or new. They are a terrific method to make a structure stand out from the crowd while also being a classic architectural element that will never go out of style. These 9 x decorative spike roof finials were produced for a property that had several gable end roofs and dormers. The most important thing was the customer wanted to match the finials up with the colour of their ridge and roof tiles. They submitted a ridge tile as the colour matching sample and the finials were produced to match the ridge tile as closely as possible

In conclusion, the expertise and workmanship displayed in these 9 x spike roof finials are indicative of the calibre of the products one may expect from the construction of such elements of architecture. Built to withstand freezing temperatures, they are british kitemarked and handcrafted in the United Kingdom. These finials will bring personality and charm to the structure thanks to their specific colour match to the customer's roof tile sample. Installing spike roof finials is a great option if you want to give your home a more unique and appealing aspect. They will look great for many years to come and be an enduring part of your building's design.

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